Skin Treatments

Soothe, protect and heal baby's delicate skin with specially formulated baby lotion and healing ointment. Protect irritated skin due to drooling, diaper rash, chafing, chapping and more with pure and natural skin treatments; browse our extensive selection for solutions such as cradle cap care, eczema therapy, gluten–free baby healing lotion, chapped lips and cheek salve, anti–itch lotion and more. Soothing and gentle baby cream protects and nourishes baby's delicate skin and acts as a sealant to help keep moisture in so skin does not dry or chap; baby lip balm and baby cheek balm moisturizes dry skin around the lips and face and helps keep baby's delicate skin soft and smooth. Find baby skin care products such as fragrance free lip and face balm, natural insect repellant, soothing bath packs, petroleum jelly, baby moisturizer cream, calamine lotion, sunscreen, calming mist, dry skin cream, aloe vera gel and more, all formulated to keep baby's skin soft and kissable.