First Aid

Sometimes you can simply kiss a boo–boo and make it better, but when real accidents happen, it's best to be prepared with child–friendly basic health and safety essentials. Cotton balls are part of any well–stocked medicine cabinet or first aid kit; soft on your skin and more absorbent than synthetic puffs, the lint free balls may be used with cleansers, astringents, lotions, oils, powders and first aid products. Parents know that cuts and scrapes are part of growing up and accidents will happen so it's important to have first aid supplies at the ready at home and in the car; basics include ice packs and ice bags, hot water bottles, antibiotic ointments, sterile gauze pads, conventional and liquid bandages, antiseptic pain relief spray, latex gloves, tape, hot packs and cotton swabs. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for life's little calamities; a baby first aid kit is a must have for parents and caregivers.