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Door & Window Safety

When babyproofing and childproofing your home it can be easy to overlook things; basic door and window safety is an important part of making your home safe for kids. Child proof door locks can make rooms and closets off–limits to little crawlers and curious kids; a child proof door knob will keep kids safely inside the house so they can't venture outside or into the garage without adult supervision. Use door knob safety covers to help prevent access to rooms and to prevent accidental lockouts. Window locks stop children from opening windows while window stops prevent window accidents by allowing the window to only open to 4~~~~~~, thus preventing a child from falling through it. Blind cord wraps and blind cord shorteners keep dangling blind cords away from kids and pets while door stop finger guards fit between the doors and molding to prevent doors from slamming closed. Use them in tandem with child safety door locks.