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Alarms & Detectors

Protecting your family is your number one priority, which is why smoke detectors are essential. Battery operated smoke alarms can be easily installed in any room; units with photoelectric smoke sensing technology detect slow burning fires, which cause a greater risk of smoke inhalation. Photo electric technology also reduces the instance of nuisance alarms from steamy showers and cooking. Most home alarm systems offer both smoke and carbon monoxide detection for comprehensive protection. Many parents use a wireless alarm system to keep track of baby basics including diaper changes, nursing, feeding, nap and sleep times and for reminders to administer medication; a baby care timer can help to make parenting easier. Safeguard your home from the deadly effects of carbon monoxide with a carbon monoxide alarm; choose from plug–in models with battery back–up or battery operated models to monitor the indoor air in your home even if the power goes out.