Safety Gates for Stairs


Keeping your kids safe is job #1 as a parent, and you need all the tips, tricks and tools you can get – why worry – we’ve got proven solutions for many common home safety issues, starting with stairs. Top of stairs gates are a Baby Registry favorite, because parents know they are essential to help keep kids and pets safe. Browse our extensive selection any time for ideas and information; when you find the gates that meet your needs, order using your tablet or smart phone and enjoy peace of mind.


When you need to block a stairway to limit access to children or pets, you’ve got options – there are multiple factors to consider before making a purchase, including method of installation (some gates are pressure-mounted while others must be secured using hardware and a drill – this makes a difference, especially if you are renting and can’t make holes in the walls or drill into a wood bannister) and if you require a walk-through gate. Most stair gates feature a swing gate or walk-through gate – look for one-hand gate operation for ease of use. A pressure mount or suction-mount gate is ideal for occasional use or when travelling.


When it comes to choosing safety gates for stairs, style matters too. Naturally you want a gate that is functional and meets current safety standards, but it would be nice to find a stair gate that is attractive and complements your décor. Compare sleek and unobtrusive retractable gates, rustic top of stairs gates, walk-through stair gates, bronze finish extra tall walk-through gates, distressed wood walk-through gates, metal security gates, wooden gates, auto-close gates, suction-mount safety gates and more.


Have a deck or outdoor staircase? Weather-resistant plastic child stair gates keep kids and pets safe in style. Why worry about your little one wandering off or pets in the pool when you can limit access to any danger with a versatile pressure-mount plastic gate. A lightweight plastic safety gate is ideal for travel too.