Portable Changing Pads

When it comes to babies, the bottom line is that diaper duty can happen any time, any place. A well-stocked baby changing station in the nursery and play room is a must, and if you live in a multi-story home you will save steps by having a baby changing pad on each floor. When you’re out and about, changing baby’s diapers can be a challenge, which is why a portable baby changing kit is a parenting essential. From simple solutions such as a disposable baby changing pad or a changing table topper to a more complete approach such as a take along baby changing kit, our comprehensive assortment has a diapering station designed to meet your needs. Many diaper bags and totes come equipped with a portable changing pad (usually they are pretty basic); a good quality, well-designed portable changing pad should be comfortable, durable and attractive – browse our designer diaper changers, changing clutches, diaper bag conversion kits, full body changing pads and diaper stations for solutions.