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Baby Gear & Baby Equipment

We know that having a baby can be very expensive and it can be overwhelming to know what baby gear & baby equipment to splurge on or go for the budget version. buybuy BABY is your destination, and we can help you make informed decisions. You may be looking for a stylish diaper bag, but you should also consider functionality. Whether you are packing for a few hours or days, there are so many essentials that your baby will need. In addition to holding diapers, a diaper bag needs an insulated pocket to keep breast milk and formula cold. A changing pad will come in very handy. Can you pack in wipes/washcloths and is there a separate area for dirty clothing? We carry a large selection of brand names in a variety of styles to fit your aesthetic. Enjoy bonding with your baby in the sweetest way with an infant baby carrier. You may like an ergonomic design that allows for carrying your child inward or outward. We have a large assortment of baby carriers: baby sling & wrap carriers, front & hip carriers and toddler backpack carriers at various price points and features.

Babies love the feeling of moving their bodies and when they do, the sound of their squealing with laughter is unmatched. A baby jumper or baby bouncer is an ideal solution to get rid of a baby’s excess energy so you can focus on other chores. A tired baby will also sleep better at night, which means you get a better rest too. There is a slight difference between a baby jumper and a bouncer. Baby jumpers bounce up and down when your baby kicks off the floor, while bouncers bounce according to a baby’s movements in the seat. Our activity jumpers have a high seat back for extra support for your baby and rotates 360 degrees. They have a tray and strings with a variety of toys to entertain your baby when he or she gets tired from bouncing. If you have limited space, our doorway jumpers will keep your baby safely jumping and gurgling with laughter. Baby swings and baby bouncers imitate the rocking motion your baby experiences in the womb or in your arms. Most babies are soothed and comforted by the rocking, and many babies enjoy resting in a bouncer or swing. We carry many different models: some with toys attached to it, vibrate or play songs. Others just rock the baby smoothly while others swing or glide back and forth. Depending on your needs, you can find a baby swing or bouncer that will be the best for you.

Baby Walkers to Help Baby Development

The hardest task is to teach babies to walk without hurting themselves, so a baby walker comes in very handy. The most important feature of a baby walker is to keep the babies safe while they are using it. Some of our top-rated walkers feature songs, different languages, and more. Some give a child the feeling of being in a car with a steering wheel, key, shifter, realistic car sounds and lights. Others feature various developmental toys and several activities and convert from a seated activity walker to a walk-behind walker as your child grows, offering non-stop excitement. Laugh & Learn walkers are the perfect pal for your growing baby, offering exciting hands-on activities for little sitters and support for those first little steps. Something that many parents may not consider an essential baby equipment is a portable playard. It can be a lifesaver, providing a safe and contained space for baby to play or rest, away from items that can be swallowed or things that can be dangerous such as plug outlets, so you can take a much needed break. From smart innovations that make it easier for baby development to hands-free help to activity centers, buybuy BABY carries the brands you can trust to help you navigate early parenthood.