Upholstered Gliders

Gliders and rockers have been a tradition for nurseries and babies' rooms for, well, just about forever. The rocking, gentle feel of a glider helps soothe baby when they're fussy or tired. Our collection takes the feel of traditional rockers and gliders and upholsters them, giving them a plush, stylish look that will both elevate your nursery and your comfort. buybuy BABY's glider chairs are a must for any baby's room. You'll be spending so much time nestled in the nursery with your newborn – make sure both you and your little one are cozy. Choose from chairs that glide, rock, swivel, or recline, and rest easy with us.

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Glider and rockers are nursery essentials because babies love the back-and-forth motion. Adults love them because they're perfect for feeding, soothing, or reading to a child. Today's chairs come in dozens of different styles – modern and lovely enough to put in any room of your home. Our upholstered gliders and rockers let you and baby relax in cushy comfort, gliding back and forth with little effort. Look for a chair with good back and armrest support, durable build, easy-to-clean fabric, and features like swiveling or reclining. We've put together our collection with all of these in mind – you and baby deserve nothing but the best.

The Top Glider Chairs For You And Baby

Here at buybuy BABY, we understand how important it is to have a comfortable, upholstered glider chair for baby's room. Some of the most precious memories you'll have with your little one are those quiet, cuddly moments, so a cozy rocker is a must. We have a gorgeous collection that will go great in the nursery or any room in the house. Our upholstered chairs might look like stylish traditional furniture, but they're practical too – allowing you to rock baby, recline, or swivel. Whether it's meal time, nap time, or just quiet time, your new nursery chair will quickly become your favorite place in the house.