Newborn Girl One-Piece Outfits

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Gerber?? 4-Piece Princess Take Me Home Set in Pink
Gerber?? 4-Piece Princess Take Me Home Set in Pink
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Gerber?? 4-Piece Princess Take Me Home Set in Pink

Newborn Girl One-Piece Outfits

No doubt you?ve planned for the new arrival may even have outfitted her wardrobe with all sorts of pretty clothes ? it?s what most new parents do, and you?ve likely also received baby shower and new baby gifts consisting of adorable newborn outfits. Fact is, baby simply can?t have too many clothes.

We know a thing or two about life with a new baby, and some of it isn?t pretty. Baby spits up or makes a mess, laundry gets backed up and the next thing you know, you?ve changed her clothes 3 times before it?s even noon. Relax ? you?ve got this, even though at times you may think you don?t.

Here?s an insider tip on parenting a new baby ? keep it simple. Adorable separates and matching outfits make for darling baby photos, but for everyday life, also known as reality, it doesn?t necessarily have to resemble what you see on social media. When it comes to newborn girl outfits, a one-piece can offer simplicity, versatility and fewer lost socks.

What?s a one-piece? It?s an all-in-one garment with a combined top and bottom ? the garment may have feet, which would make it a footie; sans feet, it may be called a romper, a bodysuit, coveralls, a sleeper gown or a bodysuit dress. Whatever you call it, one piece outfits make life easy for you and baby. Wash it and wear it is a good rule of thumb ? baby one piece outfits rarely need ironing or special care because they tend to be made of soft, breathable cotton knits and similarly forgiving materials.

Choose from a range of one-piece outfits for newborn girls, including newborn footies designed for play time and bedtime, cozy coveralls that are perfect for crawling and cuddling, comfy sleeper gowns finished with soft elastic at the bottom to keep baby snug and warm, cute rompers for sunny days outside, long-sleeve side-snap bodysuits, cotton footed pajamas and more. You?ve got baby covered.