Newborn Accessories

Planning for the new arrival? Once you?ve decorated the nursery, it?s time to focus on baby essentials ? all the little things you?ll need to make sure the newest addition to your family is cozy, safe and warm. Newborns and babies have delicate and potentially sensitive skin, which is one reason why soft, natural fabrics such as conventional and organic cotton are the primary textiles used to make most infant accessories including hats, mittens, burp cloths and swaddles.

Why newborn mittens? It may not be cold in your nursey, but baby mitts are not so much designed for warmth as they are to prevent your little one from scratching. Super soft cotton infant mittens with an elastic band will stay on your child?s hands to reduce exposure to germs, protect tiny hands from scratching and prevent mishaps; they are utterly adorable and the perfect baby shower gift.

What about hats? Newborn hats help to keep your baby?s head warm ? this is important when you bring your child home from the hospital or if you are out and about with a newborn. Typically, your home should provide adequate warmth and you don?t need a hat or cap for your little one after that; should you have a drafty or cold home, it?s cold outside or your baby is a preemie, a hat is appropriate, plus, many parents simply love to see baby sporting a knit hat, cuffed cap or cute chapeaux.

Looking for a cute baby shower or new baby gift? Newborn accessories are always appreciated ? choose from organic cotton burp cloths, clever bandanna bibs, receiving blankets, cozy knit or crocheted baby booties, darling headbands, bib and burp sets, ruffled diaper covers, socks, flannel blankets and more. A newborn swaddle blanket is a thoughtful gift. It?s the little things that make a big difference when you?re welcoming a new baby.