Boys' Sunglasses

At first blush, baby sunglasses might seem like a silly idea ? the sort of accessory that?s more about fashion than function, but the reality is our eyes require protection from the sun. This is even more important if your child has blue eyes, because blue-eyed children are at greater risk for UV damage than children with brown eyes. Hats and sunscreen are not enough - UV exposure can harm the eyes as well as the skin, and the cumulative effect can be very damaging.

An investment in good quality sunglasses worn at an early age pays dividends over time ? it?s the best way to institutionalize the practice of wearing sunglasses for eye protection; even a wide-brimmed hat does not offer adequate protection from direct and reflected harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Shopping for boys sunglasses is easy ? browse our extensive selection any time for ideas and information; when you find the perfect pair, use your smart phone or tablet to arrange for convenient delivery. Choose from baby aviator sunglasses, toddler sunglasses, sport sunglasses, mommy & me sunglass sets, retro sunglasses and more.

Love the hipster look? We?ve got cool boy sunglasses for your dapper dude ? he?ll be the bomb in preppy sunglasses and cool as can be in a pair of wraparounds. When selecting infant boy sunglasses, look for features such as 100% UV protection, shatterproof lenses, flexible frames and a security strap or band to hold sunglasses safely in place; oversize lenses offer added protection and can help to reduce glare. Compare options from trusted brands including Babiators?, UVeez, Baby Opticals by HipsterKid? and Baby Banz.

Make a splash at the pool or on the beach when your little guy sports some awesome shades ? he?ll look swell and you?ll feel good knowing you?re protecting him in the best possible way.