Hudson Baby® 8-Pack Sneakers Short Crew Socks
Hudson Baby® 8-Pack Sneakers Short Crew Socks
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Hudson Baby® 8-Pack Sneakers Short Crew Socks

Boys' Socks & Underwear

Shopping for your bouncing baby boy? He?ll need plenty of socks and underwear, especially socks, because they help to keep tiny feet clean and warm. Boys underwear comes a bit later, after diapers, but socks are a must have, right from the get go. Get ready by checking out our extensive selection any time ? browse for ideas and information, then arrange for convenient delivery using your smart phone or tablet.

Need boys socks? We?ve got it covered. Choose from 100% cotton and cotton blend socks, chenille booties, snazzy argyle socks, crew socks, terry socks and more. Initially your little guy won?t be wearing shoes, but he will wear socks, and traction is important when he starts to crawl, toddle and walk. Socks with a non-skid bottom provide traction and can help to minimize slips and spills.

Looking for a new baby gift for the little guy? Baby boy socks are cute and practical, and they can be fun too. Compare darling duck rattle socks, dashing superhero socks, colorful days of the week socks, cozy sock booties and clever sneaker socks that make it look like the little fellow is wearing high tops and ready to play ball. A set of sock securers is a nice add-on gift ? they help to prevent socks from slipping or being tugged off.

Socks might sound boring, but until you?ve seen our selection of boys fun socks, you don?t know what you?re missing. Choose from a range of socks featuring favorites from DC Comics?, Warner Bros?, Disney?, Thomas & Friends? and Nickelodeon? ? your little fellow will kick up his heels in delight.

Ready for boys underwear? Getting your little guy to wear big boy underwear is a big step. Compare boys briefs, boxers, toddler training pants, boxer briefs and more, from trusted brands such as carter?s?, Gerber? and Hudson Baby?. Parenting Tip: underwear embellished with his favorite superhero or cartoon character makes getting dressed fun.