HoOdiePet™ Grizzie the Bear
HoOdiePet™ Grizzie the Bear
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HoOdiePet™ Grizzie the Bear

Boys' Other Accessories

Socks, underwear, pants and tees are basics ? these are the sorts of baby boy wardrobe essentials your little guy will wear day in and day out?but what about when you?re going out, and you want some snappy style? Baby boy things don?t have to be basic, boring or blue ? in fact gray is the new hip color for babies of either gender, and retro looks like bowties and fedoras are trendy and fun.

Looking for baby boy accessories to distinguish your little fellow? Browse our selection any time for ideas and inspiration ? from newborn accessories like infinity scarves and milestone baby stickers to adorable bib and sock sets, we?ve got something for every dapper dude. When you see what you like, use your smart phone or tablet for speedy delivery.

Got stuff? So does your little guy ? baby boy backpacks make it easy for tots on the go to haul snacks, drinks, school essentials and special treasures; it?s the perfect gift when your little one is heading off to pre-school, kindergarten or daycare, and a great way to carry stuff for sleepovers at grandma?s house.

Need a place to stash some cash? Kids wallets for boys make counting and saving money fun, plus it?s a cool way for your boy to carry ID, photos, cards, cash and coins. Whether he?s managing an allowance or using play money, a wallet makes a little guy feel like a big boy.

Ready for his close-up? Belly stickers and monthly stickers are perfect for family photos ? track your child?s progress and preserve it forever in cute photos that capture exactly how he looked at one month, two months, etc. Memories are priceless and baby accessories make them extra special. Holiday bow ties are another option ? outfit your dapper dude a take a picture ? making memories is magical.