Boys' Cold Weather Accessories

Baby, it?s cold outside ? and in some homes, it can be chilly inside too! Make sure your little guy is toasty and warm ? it?s easy when you shop our selection of cold weather gear for toddlers, babies and kids. Browse any time for ideas and information; when you find what you need, simply use your smart phone or tablet to arrange for delivery.

Looking for cold weather hats? Tiny heads and tender ears need to be protected from blustery winds, sleet, snow and ice, along with drafts and wet conditions. Compare cozy fleece caps, chunky knit beanies, classic shearling lined bomber and trapper hats, aviator hats, sweater knit hats and more. A hat and mitten set is the perfect gift for a winter baby ? infant boy winter hats protect baby?s tender scalp and ears and keep him cozy and warm in the crib or on the go.

Baby cold weather clothes are part of any basic wardrobe. You?ll need a set of cozy booties, baby boy mittens and a warm hat; your little adventurer will enjoy warmth and style when dressed in a Sherpa-lined bomber hat complete with ear flaps, mittens and boots, plus the baby photos will be priceless. Dress your little guy from head to toe so he?ll be snug and warm on trips to the park, while shopping or in the car.

Need cold weather gear for toddlers? Even if your baby boy is dressed in warm wool socks and mittens, without a hat, he?ll feel cold. Our brains need warmth and a steady supply of blood and the head has almost no subcutaneous fat for insulation, so a hat is essential for overall warmth and comfort, especially if your child enjoys outdoor activities. Even a short trip in a cold car can be uncomfortable, which is why cold weather gear is so important.