Car Seat Canopies & Handle Cushions

Baby goes everywhere with you, which means baby needs to be protected from the elements, even when in a car seat. A car seat canopy offers privacy for your little one when in a car seat and provides protection from sun, wind, headlights of oncoming traffic and more. Many double as play mats or baby blankets and can be easily attached to most every car seat. Make travelling with baby in a car seat more comfortable, fun and stylish with an infant car seat canopy; use it as a soft mat for tummy time, nap time or diaper changes when you've reached your destination. A soft and lightweight muslin baby car seat canopy creates a breathable nest for your little one and protects baby from sun, wind, rain, germs and prying eyes. Use a car seat arm cushion or car seat handle cushion to relieve pressure from heavy car seats and carry your infant car seat comfortably and stylishly. Browse and compare car seat accessories for canopies and arm handle cushion options; enjoy comfort and style.