Wall Mirrors

Watching your baby look in the mirror is always a joyful experience, and simply magical when your little one realizes that the person they see is themselves. Wall mirrors can open up a room and make a small space appear larger than it actually is, but hanging a glass mirror in a child's room can be risky plus it means putting holes in the wall to hang it, which may not be possible if you are renting. For peace of mind and to keep walls intact, one kids wall mirror option is to use a wall decal – technological advances are such that peel and stick printed mirrors with a shiny, reflective surface provide everything you need without the danger of glass and or the hassle of holes in the wall; they may even be placed on the ceiling. Browse our selection of wall mirror art to find a printed mirror or 2–D and 3–D mirror decals that are just right for your nursery or playroom décor. Many feature decorative surrounds and eye–catching imagery perfect for juvenile décor.