Training Pants

Parents know that potty training can be a challenge, and no two kids are exactly alike. There are countless approaches on how and when to teach your little one to use the potty or toilet but most everyone can agree that training pants are an essential tool in any potty training program. Good quality cloth training pants should be easy for your little one to pull up and down all by themselves and feature an absorbent interlining for extra protection; the more similar they are to toddler underpants, the more your child will feel like a big kid as they progress in their toileting skills. When it comes to trainers you have the option to choose cloth or disposables; some disposables have patterns that fade when wet as a way to help your child learn to stay dry. Disposable and cloth potty training pants are available for girls and boys and often feature customized protection where it is needed most; some brands of training pants for toddlers feature popular licensed characters.