Keeping baby's delicate skin soft and dry is a big part of helping to prevent diaper rash; baby powder gently absorbs moisture to help keep skin dry and soft. Baby's skin feels cool and comfortable because the powder eliminates friction while also soothing and calming sensitive skin. Gently sooth your baby's irritated skin with all natural, talc��������free dusting powder formulated to naturally absorb moisture while soothing and calming skin; discover the benefits of pure cornstarch baby powder, clinically proven to be mild and gentle on the skin. Protect against chafing and irritation with regular application of powder which reduces friction often caused by skin rubbing against folds of skin or clothing. The use of medicated baby powder can help to prevent and treat diaper rash, chafing and minor skin irritations; powders may also be enhanced with calming agents such as chamomile, lavender, aloe and Vitamin E.