Body & Hair Care

Bathing your little one requires extra special care and attention, especially when it comes to the products you use on their delicate skin and hair. Many parents rely on time honored classics such as baby oil and baby shampoo to clean and protect soft newborn skin and hair while others prefer modern organic body care products with chemical-free formulations and recyclable packaging. Discover the many options when you browse our extensive selection of natural shampoo and body wash, baby wash, face and body lotion, daily moisture lotion, newborn shampoo, baby lotion, bedtime lotion, fragrance-free shampoo & wash, baby powder, calming lotion and more. Gently wash and control your baby��������s hair with ultra-mild cleansers that are milder than baby soap and use kids hair accessories to enhance your baby��������s hair. Baby hair care calls for special products that clean without drying �������� look for tear-free, soap-free formulas to gently clean baby��������s hair.