Bath Toys

Bath time is one of the joys of caring for babies and toddlers. They splash, giggle and love to play. Baby bath toys are a fun way to enhance this enchanting experience with your little one. From the tried-and-true rubber duck to multi-piece bath play sets, age-appropriate bath tub toys are a great way to interact with your baby or toddler, encourage play and imagination, teach new skills and even expend some of your little one's extra energy before bedtime.

Many bath tub toys include squirting features to incorporate water in a fun way. From simple fill-and-squirt styles to fountain-type functions, these types of tub toys are both visually stimulating and instructive. Some bath toys have movable parts that spin or move, while others feature handles, water scoops and rings. Boon bath toys incorporate many of these exciting features, as well as helpful designs that aid with organization and clean-up. When tub time is over, a bath toy organizer is an easy way to keep your bathroom and baby's tub toys neat and tidy.