Bath Safety

Bathing your little one is a wonderful way to bond and spend quality time with your child. Skid resistant and non–slip bath mats help to keep your child safe during bath time. Protect your child from bumps and bruises with a faucet cover – our collection of cute and practical spout guards and water flow deflectors has something for everyone. Look for a spout cover that is mildew resistant and dishwasher safe. Baby bath safety is of critical importance so in addition to preventing slips, falls and bumps, you'll want to ensure the water temperature is just right; use a bath and room digital thermometer to keep baby safe and comfortable. Other options include bath water temperature testers and heat alert bath tub mats. Use a drain cover to keep water in the tub and baby's fingers, toes and hair out of the drain; a kneeler helps to relieve achy knees and protect knees, elbows and forearms as you bathe your child. Take the plunge and babyproof your bath now.