What happens when you have a super-picky eater or a child who simply will not try new foods? One mom faced with two daughters had such a challenge; she spent lots of time cutting food into small bites to entice her daughters to eat, all the while wondering if there was a better way to address the problem. She thought that if there was something she could simply press down on the food to easily make it into bite-size pieces her kids might try new foods, eat better and mealtime could be less stressful. She set out to create a solution and in 2011, Connecticut-based Funbites was launched. The clever kitchen gadget has a super sturdy and durable curved blade that cuts kids’ food into bite-sized fun shapes. Get picky eaters to try new things by cutting food into festive shapes with minimal effort using an American-made, BPA-free food cutter. The food cutters work perfectly on fruit, cheese, bread and more