Fruit of the Earth

Founded in 1980 by two families, privately-held, Texas-based Fruit of the Earth is the world leader in the production of aloe vera-based and nature-inspired products. The families believe aloe is truly a miracle plant that is beneficial for treating more than burns; they were the first to offer health and beauty products based on aloe-vera’s beneficial healing qualities. Committed to creating the purest, finest formulas on the market, the company offers high quality, American-made personal care products utilizing the healing qualities of aloe vera. Selections include alcohol, fragrance and color-free crystal clear 100% aloe-vera gel designed to provide relief from sunburn, minor burns, skin irritations, insect bites, chafing and dry skin. Available in tubes, pump bottles and squeeze bottles, the cooling, soothing pure aloe-vera gel forms a protective barrier which helps your skin retain moisture and aids healing.