Founded in 1952, Foamcraft, Inc. is a leader in the polyurethane foam industry, crafting foam products for consumers and industry. The company markets goods under several brands; Foamnasium encompasses a proprietary line of safe, colorful and fun foam play products and furniture designed just for kids. The products are popular for use in playrooms, schools and daycare centers; they can help to develop motor skills, encourage exploration and expand imagination. The child-friendly Foamnasium children’s play products and furniture are made in America. Products include large blocks that are perfect to stack, climb, sit on, jump on and play with; large foam blocks and wedges; large or small FoamMan; foam homes; foam gymnasiums and more. The colorful children’s furniture includes conventional and pull-out chairs, sofas, tables, oversize pillows and toddler steps. Kids love crawling, rolling, jumping and playing on the fun foam products and can arrange their play area any way they like.