It all began in a Missouri home where a creative mom was busy sewing cloth diaper inserts – she added a snap, folks loved it and soon she was in the business of making cloth diapers. In 2005 the bumGenius line was launched with one goal – to create a diaper easy enough for anyone to use, even a family member who was simply not into cloth diapering. The simple yet ingenious no-stuff diapering system made cloth diapering easy for families with kids care or for caregivers who were resistant to cloth diapers. Real life calls for flexibility so the company evolved and went on to develop the Flip hybrid diapering system; the unique system lets parents and caregivers choose from three absorbent inserts to meet their diaper changing needs. Products include diaper covers with waterproof shells and snap closures compatible with 3 types of diaper insert: disposable, organic or stay-dry; disposable diaper inserts; newborn stay-dry diaper inserts and more.