The popular animated sitcom The Flintstones was broadcast from 1960 through 1966; the iconic characters remain popular to this day. In 1968 Miles Laboratories introduced Flintstones chewable vitamins; Miles Laboratories was acquired by Bayer AG in 1979. Bayer AG markets consumer healthcare solutions under the trusted Bayer name and produces the popular line of Flintstones supplemental multivitamins for children. Pediatricians’ number 1 choice in chewable vitamins, the character-based children’s vitamins feature everybody's favorite prehistoric family. Products are offered in multiple forms including chewable tablets and gummies; notable selections include complete multivitamin TastiSmooth chewable tablets; gummies complete vitamins; chewable vitamin tablets with extra vitamin C for immunity support; chewable multivitamin tablets with iron; chewable gummies multivitamins; children’s multivitamins and more.