Established in Germany in 1882, Beiersdorf AG is a manufacturer of personal care and beauty care products that markets goods under several well known brand names including Eucerin; patented in 1902, the gentle, non-comedogenic products were introduced to the German market in the 1920s and brought to the American market in 1980s. Known for delivering healthier, more radiant skin, the clinically proven products are formulated for sensitive skin and designed to cleanse, moisturize, heal and protect your skin. Products include Aquaphor healing ointment, Eucerin calming cream daily moisturizer, Aquaphor gentle wash and shampoo for babies, Aquaphor healing ointment for babies and more. The fragrance-free, preservative-free formula soothes, protects and helps heal dry, irritated skin due to drooling, minor burns and abrasions, offers relief from dry, itchy and cracked skin and is clinically proven to restore smooth, healthy skin.