Eco Nuts

Founded in 2009, Eco Nuts is an organic and natural cleaning products company that offers everything from laundry care to surface cleaners in eco-conscious packaging with little or no plastic. Delighted by a unique berry that grows on trees in the Himalayas and naturally contains soap suitable for laundry, the founders learned the berries could be reused many times and was ideally suited for individuals with sensitive skin and allergies to traditional products. They leveraged this knowledge to package the “soap nuts” as a mild and gentle detergent for clothes and skin; it is ideal for baby clothes and cloth diapers. Today the line has expanded to include a range of natural and organic cleaning solutions such as organic liquid laundry soap, organic glass spray cleaner, organic multi-surface cleaner, organic veggie wash, natural ammonia bouncer for diapers, baby liquid laundry soap, scouring powder, wool dryer balls, powdered baby laundry detergent and more.