Diaper Dekor

Who wants to handle dirty diapers – the folks at Diaper Dekor developed a simple and hygienic hands-free diaper disposal system that eliminates the need to twist, insert or push dirty diapers into a dirty diaper pail. Originating from Europe, the diaper disposal system is designed to meet the needs of the North American market and is distributed by Royal Lager, Inc.; the hands-free diaper pail is a top-selling diaper disposal system in the United States and Canada. The sleek, stylish and convenient unit is made of durable, scratch resistant and odor resistant ABS plastic and features a hands-free foot pedal which opens the lid for effortless diaper disposal. Hands-free disposal, a unique odor control system and large capacity coupled with more efficient refill use make conventional diaper pails a thing of the past. Products include mini and plus-size (up to 60 newborn diapers) systems along with refill bags.