Daddy & Company

When a California-based pharmacist and father of four remarried in 2007 and found he was to be a father all over again in 2009, he came up with an idea for delivery room duds and other “daddy gear” that would allows dads in any stage of fatherhood to proudly proclaim “I’m the Dad!” and encourage involvement and engagement between father and child from the delivery room on. The ever-evolving Daddy & Co. product line includes dad-friendly, stroller-friendly ergonomically designed diaper backpacks and diaper messenger bags in great colors and camo prints along with the original Daddy scrubs swag box filled with everything a father-to-be needs to keep comfy and relaxed while waiting for the new arrival. Additional products include vintage-style “I’m The Daddy” hats, edgy scrub sets designed to distinguish who is the doctor and who is the father-to-be along with the essential Daddy Diaper changing tool box.