The year was 1944 when a pharmacist invented a lotion to darken tans; the company became famous when, in 1959, it launched an ad campaign introducing the Coppertone girl, a young pigtailed blond child whose swimsuit bottoms were being tugged by a Cocker Spaniel. Today the company is a part of Bayer; the brand encompasses a range of sun care, sun protection and sunscreen products designed for both adults and children. The child–friendly WaterBabies line includes SPF 70+ sunscreen lotion, SPF 50+ sunscreen lotion and SPF 55 sunscreen broad spectrum sticks; the number 1 pediatrician recommended brand helps to protect your child's delicate skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays plus it is water–repellent and fragrance free. Additional products include sun protection solutions for the entire family including sensitive skin sunscreen for faces, high performance sunscreen lotion, sport sunscreen sticks, tear–free sunscreen lotion and more.