Loratadine is a second–generation histamine antagonist drug used to treat allergies; the over–the–counter drug is marketed under several trade names including Claritin, which is owned and manufactured by Bayer. Known as "the experts in allergy relief", the Clartin brand caters to sensitivities of your immune system, addressing both indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms including sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, itchy throat or a runny nose. The over–the–counter drugs include a range specially designed for children ages two and over; selections include grape–flavored chewable allergy tablets and children's non–drowsy, dye–free and sugar–free allergy relief syrup. The products temporarily relive common allergy symptoms due to hay fever or upper respiratory allergies so your little one can breathe easy and enjoy a restful night's sleep. Relief is at hand – improve the quality of your sleep and daily life today.