Capel Rugs

Established in North Carolina in 1917, Capel Rugs is the oldest and largest privately owned rug manufacturer and importer in the United States; they are known as “America’s Rug Company.” The business began when A. Leon Capel took raw textiles, made them into braids and sewed the braids into spirals to create reversible braided rugs. All aspects of the braided rug production including braiding and sewing of the braided rugs continues to be in done in America; the braided rugs are made to last for decades because Leon Capel knew that every family could use a good braided rug. The handcrafted reversible braided rugs are available in a range of multi-hued and solid color oval and rectangular braided area and accent rugs along with room size braided rugs. The soft cotton chenille and polyester braided rugs are a colorful addition to any room and ideal for use in the nursery, play room, sewing room and bathroom or under a dining or kitchen table.