Founded in 2005, Buggygear came about because one Florida–based new mom found herself focused on the whereabouts of her pricey stroller when she really wanted to focus on her daughter; after you've invested in the perfect stroller you should be able to keep tabs on your child instead of your stuff but it's not easy. Thinking there had to be a better way after her jogging stroller went missing from behind her home; she decided to invent a solution – a big idea for a little journey. She started with a stylish and easy to operate stroller lock; the buggyguard makes it easy to keep tabs on your stroller at a theme park, zoo, restaurant or while travelling – simply lock your stroller to a stationary object or to itself by locking the wheels in place. Today the company offers stroller locks, stroller hooks, smart phone holders, stroller organizers, sun shades and more; the mom–inspired products are practical and unique.