Established in 1966, Brita is a family–owned business best known for inventing a water filter jug for domestic use. The German company began when one man set out to fulfill his vision of optimizing normal tap water; the company he named after his daughter is today considered a world market leader in home water filtration products. The goal then and now was to transform ordinary tap water into healthier, great–tasting water. Instead of buying bottled water you can enjoy healthier water, reduce plastic waste and save money when you filter water at home. Products include a range of water pitchers and carafes which feature a water filtration insert designed to remove 99% of the lead that may be in water while also reducing mercury, copper and benzene; additional items include replacement filters and tap and faucet filters so you can enjoy better–tasting water directly from your tap. Use filtered water for cooking, plants, kids and pets or simply to quench your thirst.