The year was 1999 when two Minnesota–based new parents who wanted to do things the right way heeded the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation to avoid using crib bumpers or anything soft or pillow–like in their baby's crib because of the risk of suffocation. Babies can snuggle too close to the crib bumper or leverage the crib bumper and fall out of the crib. Despite following expert advice, one night they found their own daughter caught up in her crib slats, scared, bruised and unable to escape. This compelled them to develop a safer, comfortable, "breathable" solution that would be easy for any parent to use; the patented BreathableBaby mesh crib liner was introduced in 2002. Seeking to create safe and healthy baby products designed to bring parents peace of mind, the product range includes crib sheet savers, changing pad covers, crib mattress pads, crib sheets and crib bedding collections, soft toys and more.