What happens when your little one is doing something they shouldn't (like throwing their sippy cup on the floor over and over just to get you to pick it up) but they do it anyway and it makes you laugh? One mom called those "BooginHead" moments and she set out to create a way to do something about it because she wanted to put an end to the cup throwing games. Founded in 2007, Washington–based BooginHead offers stylish and practical parent–invented products for babies and toddlers such as sippy cup holders, reusable snack bags, pacifier holders, pacifier leashes and reusable food pouches. The SippiGrip keeps your child's cup, bottle or toy from falling on the floor and getting lost or dirty; the easy to fill, clean and store reusable food pouches are freezer, microwave and top rack dishwasher safe; the PaciGrip is a universal pacifier leash that is compatible with all types of pacifiers.