Bebe Au Lait

Started by a breastfeeding mom, California–based Bebe au Lait was launched in 2004 after she received a cover to use while nursing. She found it lacked the functionality she sought plus the print was not appealing; soon, an idea was born – an easy to use, multi–purpose, machine washable stylish nursing cover designed with both mother and baby in mind. She began by making them herself but soon demand was such that production simply had to be outsourced. Today the award–winning nursing covers feature a unique design which allows you to shape the top edge of the nursing cover so you and your baby can make continuous eye contact; this helps to promotes bonding. Breastfeed any time and anywhere with stylish cotton nursing covers; they may also be used as a changing mat, sunshade or light towel. Beautiful, functional, high–quality products are hallmarks of the growing line which also includes sophisticate and stylish nursing pillows, bibs and muslin swaddles.