Beba Bean

It was 2002 when a Canadian mom gave birth to her second child, a son; when she quickly realized there was no way to prevent accidental and very unexpected showers while changing her baby boy, she thought there simply had to be some way to stop the sprinkles. Finding nothing, she got creative and the Pee–pee Teepee was born. Using her background in clothing design, she stitched up a bunch and headed out to attend a gift show where the line was quickly picked up by some savvy retailers and the rest is history. The cone–shaped Pee–pee Teepee from beba bean makes diaper changes for little boys dry and easy plus it makes a practical shower gift that will elicit some laughs as well. The washable, reusable fabric cones come in a variety of clever prints and classic solids; they are available in both conventional and organic cotton and may be easily placed between your baby boy's thighs during diaper changes.