Breastfeeding is beautiful, natural and the healthy choice, but it's not always easy. It wasn't pretty for one health–focused mom dedicated to nursing her baby – she was faced with embarrassing leaks. Frustrated with nursing pads that leaked or showed through her shirt, she transformed a piece of bamboo velour fabric into a makeshift pad and in 2009, Bamboobies was born. The line expanded from the original heart–shaped washable nursing pads to include disposable nursing pads along with nursing shawls, nursing tanks, nursing bras and a natural nipple balm that is a great alternative to wax–based ointments. The BPA–free nursing pads feature an ultra–absorbent hemp core that disperses and locks in milk; the nursing pads are made of super–soft rayon made from bamboo and cotton velour that soothe chafed nipples and are offered in a range of colors. Bamboobies nursing aids help new mothers as their families grow.