Sanofi US is a leading global healthcare company that discovers, develops, produces and markets innovative therapies to help protect health and enhance people's lives; Tennessee–based Chattem Inc., a part of Sanofi, is dedicated to consumer healthcare, marketing a wide range of over–the–counter (OTC) and consumer health products including the venerable Balmex brand. Developed by a pharmacist and recommended by pediatricians, Balmex has been trusted by parents and caregivers for over 50 years. The products treat diaper rash and other minor irritations while soothing baby's skin; the zinc oxide diaper rash cream is clinically proven to reduce redness in one diaper change. The multi–purpose healing ointment is a daily skin protectant that treats irritation and soothes redness from chapped, chafed skin. Products include zinc oxide diaper rash cream and clear petrolatum–based healing ointment.