Baby Deedee

Brooklyn–based Baby Deedee was founded in 2008 by a mom with a challenge – she needed to get her little one to sleep. Since she and her husband slept well under a comfy duvet, she felt the same might work for her baby; finding nothing on the market that matched her vision of a soft, cocoon–like sleeping nest, she set out to create a solution – the best sleep sack ever – a quilted duvet sleeping bag. Thus the brand was born. Known as baby sleep sacks, baby sleeping bags or wearable blankets, the all–in–one duvet blanket is a cocoon–like shape that is easy to put on and take off and eliminates the need for a top sheet; your baby stays warm and the blanket isn't kicked off. The versatile Sleep Nest sleeping bags were just the beginning; today the company offers soft cotton lightweight versions along with wearable duvet blankets, stroller blankets, fitted crib sheets, pillowcases and more. Sleep tight!