What happens when a Marine Corps fighter pilot and three college friends with a background in the corporate world dream of starting a business together? They vacation together, watch their kids play sports together and one day, on a military base in Beaufort, SC, the idea for Babiators is born. It happened when one of the founders saw her fellow military wives' kids squinting in the sun while their pilot parents stood by, eyes protected in their stylish aviator sunglasses. She shared her idea for safe, stylish and durable kids' sunglasses and in 2011 a business was launched. The high–quality, affordable products that let kids be kids and be protected was a winner – Forbes Magazine named Babiators one of America's 100 Most Promising Companies of 2014. Today the Georgia–based business offers a range of children's products and travel gear including infant sunglasses; kids' polarized sunglasses; classic aviator sunglasses for kids; kid's backpacks; swim goggles and more.