8 can’t-miss registry trends for every parent and gift giver

Our experts share must-haves to add to your registry this year in the 2022 buybuy BABY Registry Trends Report.

Wondering what to add to your baby registry? Outdated advice and opinions just won’t cut it. We know babies and parents—and as times change, so should your registry. Our experts and Parenting Pros are sharing the biggest trends for 2022: From at-home helpers to tech that takes the load off, these are the must-haves for modern parents.

1. on-the-go getters

New parents are ready to explore the world early and they’re bringing the kids along.

If there’s one thing we learned during the pandemic, it’s that life can change when you least expect it. Parents are taking this to heart. They want to experience the world with their families, and they don’t want to wait. And, thanks to an increase in remote job opportunities and flexibility, many don’t have to. It takes some prep to hit the road with the kids in tow, but portable, lightweight, multi-purpose products make it fun for the whole family to get out and go.

"People are really invested in the idea that, ‘I don't want to wait till my kids are older, I want to travel with them right now because who knows what the future’s going to bring.’ They want the products that they're bringing with them to fit into their lifestyle."

Dr. Whitney Casares, MD, MPH, FAAP, and member of buybuy BABY’s Parenting Pros

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2. stress-less tech

Emerging baby tech solutions are helping parents feel a sense of certainty.

In a world that can feel unpredictable, parents have increasingly turned to tech solutions to find a sense of calm and comfort. Baby products help promote security and reliability for parents trying to juggle it all, plus add a set of eyes and ears for extra support. From baby monitor cameras to sleep support to sterilizers, innovative tech options cast a safety net for parents and deliver a sense of confidence.

"One of the biggest avenues with tech is home monitoring for babies, with many helpful options for parents such as app access, temperature control and more. There's going to be even more tech innovations available soon, expanding into categories such as baby food prep."

Dr. Mona Amin, DO and member of buybuy BABY’s Parenting Pros

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3. rest reimagined

Bucking pandemic insomnia, new parents are investing in sleep more than ever before.

The rest revolution is real. People are finding rest as a pathway to joy, and sleep as the key to unlocking better productivity. Today’s expectant parents are seeking baby items to assist with sleep rituals, and are looking for baby items that help little ones get some much-needed shut-eye—so they can, too. From high-tech helpers to noise machines to sleep sacks, helping the whole family get more zzz’s is a baby registry requirement.

"Especially with the pandemic, we are thinking a lot more about sleep. People are tracking it more; they’re being more cognizant of it. I think that’s a benefit, because people are thinking ‘sleep is going to keep my baby healthy, safe, and developing."

Dr. Shelby Harris, PsyD, DBSM, and member of buybuy BABY’s Parenting Pros

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4. simplicity seekers

Gear that pulls double (or triple) duty lets parents do more with less.

Parents are multi-tasking a lot these days and they’re looking for products that help simplify daily life. Aside from hands-free or automatic gadgets, parents are looking to adopt a more minimalist style and are seeking out all-in-one gear that grows with their kids to place on their baby registry. Many are finding baby essentials that focus on functionality and durability worth the investment.

"There is more of an appreciation for versatile gear that is all-in-one as opposed to having lots of different things. Items that can be useful through multiple stages from baby to toddler and stuff that is light and compact – that’s what I think people want more of."

Dr. Shelby Harris, PsyD, DBSM, and member of buybuy BABY’s Parenting Pros

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5. clutter controllers

Storage solutions and multi-use furniture options are the secret weapons.

Our homes have become our havens. We've upgraded our spaces and adapted them to suit many needs. Today’s parents don’t want to disrupt the delicate balance they’ve built with the clutter baby items can bring. They are searching for items that enable them to maintain the aesthetic they’ve created and neatly tuck things away to keep their spaces calm and serene. The right storage solutions and multi-use furniture not only help contain toys, but support child development tactics such as rotating and reintroducing toys to encourage more focused, imaginative play.

"I think there is a lot of overstimulation for children, when they have all these items in from of them, the developing brain is like ‘what do I do with all of this’?"

Dr. Mona Amin, DO and buybuy BABY Parenting Pro

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6. nutrition with a mission

Parents are putting more thought into early nutrition and health, making sure they take preventative health measures for babies.

Today’s parents are paying more attention to early nutrition, immune health, and development than ever before. With more options to choose from, parents can curate what works for their family and goals. From using probiotics to establish strong gut health to introducing new baby foods in a safe way, parents are being more proactive in their mission to serve up a healthy foundation.

"The biggest trend has been a hypervigilance around safety and health. Parents are very, very attuned and are learning more about the actual inner workings of the human body because they are hearing the lingo more…They’re having an increased understanding about the value of prevention."

Dr. Whitney Casares, MD, MPH, FAAP, and member of buybuy BABY’s Parenting Pros

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7. planet-friendly parenting

Small, sustainable choices have a big impact today and tomorrow.

Having children can ignite or reinforce the desire to be more eco-conscious. Parents are seeking products made with materials and ingredients that are better for the planet and their kids. Health, convenience, and cost come first, but a growing number of parents are recognizing that reusable products can have all of those benefits, plus the perks of being better for the environment and teaching early lessons on sustainability.

"Parents really care about sustainability, right now. There’s always going to be cloth diapers that people are interested in that, and I think glass bottles are absolutely on the rise."

Dr. Whitney Casares, MD, MPH, FAAP, and member of buybuy BABY’s Parenting Pros

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8. spotlight on style

Parents are finding ways to incorporate their personal design style into the nursery, while keeping it kid-friendly.

Parents want to create environments that are full of good vibes and express their own personal style. Through well-designed, engaging spaces and the use of color parents can channel their individuality. From Pantone Color of the Year Very Peri to mood-lifting nursery decor to vibrant apparel, parents have a unique opportunity to curate their unique fashion-forward vibe.

"Baby nurseries are all about balancing function and style. As parents turn to social media for inspiration, we’re seeing many are seeking out elevated designs that are child-friendly and reflect their unique style. Knowing that a lot of time will be spent in the nursery, parents want to create a place they love to be in."

Briana Nix, Head of Design, Decorist

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